Taicang Zhuogao Glass Product Co., Ltd. settles at the beautiful Liuhe Town of Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, and it is only 40km to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 70km to Suzhou,  advantaged location and very convenient terraqueous traffic. Formally put into production in April 2001, the company is specialized in manufacturing and selling various tempered glass, laminated glass, hollow glass for buildings, the major products such as LOW-E bent tempered glass, bent laminated glass and bent hollow glass play the leading role in China. With high investment, the company has introduced advanced bent tempered glass manufacturing equipments, organized the staffs to develop the bent tempered product which has smallest radius and biggest arc length in China after constant innovation and research, with domestic advanced bent laminated glass manufacturing equipments, the company is also manufacturing bent laminated products of various radiuses with the product filling the blanks in China.
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2nd Rd., Zhanan Industrial Zone, Liuhe Town, Taicang, Jiangsu Province